Workshop med Billie Hanne

Foto: Maria Andrews

I samarbeid med SKUDA og Dansearena nord har vi gleden av å presentere workshop med belgiske Billie Hanne. Workshopen finner sted i Tromsø fra 9.-13. desember og avsluttes med forestillingen hennes på HT lørdag 14. En hel uke med input der altså!

Om Workshopen:

«Mimesis commits to dance & speech. The course encourages the dancer to allow the body to be penetrable so speech and dance can lock into each other. Tongue interacts with skeleton and muscle and fuses into space, scale, matter and audience. When choreographic output heightens the poetic experience its arrangement can strengthen and focus the material into unity. In pacing actions the dancer conceives of textural qualities and is able to convey the flow of time. He or she enters the imagined space evoked by language. Words then, as an active ingredient for the dance, can create the bodily movement that fulfils the image. This image is dynamic and sensual in essence. Students learn to bear its weight as well as navigate its lightness and humour. All kurs informasjon på  inkludert påmelding kan man finne her.